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My next title is a J.A. Ferguson paranormal from ImaJinn Books  —  It is set in Victorian England and brings together two very different people who never expected to fall in love with each other.

Under Her Spell Cover

Madeleine Nightingale is the magician’s assistant for her brother. They perform as The Magic Nightingales, but her brother is eager to leave the uncertainty of traveling town-to-town. He dreams of being on the stage in a fine London theater. Madeleine wants him to be happy, so when she hears of a Faire to be held at Sheffield Priory, she thinks it is their chance. A famous theater owner will be there, and she will make sure it goes perfectly…even if she has to use a bit of true magic that has been her secret gift since childhood.

Christopher Sheffield has arranged a Faire to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. But he has an ulterior motive. He wants to arrange for his mother to receive his mistress Allegra, so he can connect his life in London with his life in the country.  Everything is going according to plan until he chances upon Madeleine Nightingale and her brother performing in a nearby village. Thoughts of Allegra fade when he draws Madeleine into his arms. But Madeleine isn’t the easy conquest he’d hoped. He’d like to forget her, but there is something unquestionably magical about the magician’s assistant.

Both Madeleine and Christopher have been hurt deeply in the past–losing those they loved–but are they willing now to set their pasts aside and dare to love again. Or will they settle for something that is a pale imitation of the real magic that comes when two hearts truly believe in each other?

Look for it soon at ImaJinn Books!

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    I’ll be looking for the book.


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